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Topic subject100% incorrect.
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13451132, 100% incorrect.
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed Jan-05-22 01:06 PM
>You replied by conflating multiple people's quotes into your
>response as if "they" are all the same and from the same
>ideological camp. Not surprising this got derailed.

This is demonstrably false.

-I replied to his quote of kayrus post AND I FUCKING SAID THIS IN THE POST.

Several times, in fact, i referred to the quote and attributed it to “they” and “them”- acknowledging that i was replying to the quote.

I also said, specifically, that he-The Mac- had cosigned the quote. There's ine part where i said “then you drop this nonsense”, but any reasonable and charitable eeading of this minor mistake would know that i had already made it clear that i knew i was replying to a quote.

I repeatedly referrenced the fact that I was replying to his quote of kayru- and then i address his- The Mac’s- own words seperately.

> Not surprising this got derailed.

Agreed. I pointed out above that you saddled me with strawmen, not to mention your consistent and contextually obtuse replies, and i pointed out here that you're demonstrably wrong about me conflating two separate quotes.

And yet, you say this as though you're not a significant contributor to said derailment.

It's weird, 100% of your charitable listening and compassion lies on the antivaxx side of this discussion, while you exhibit absolutely NONE of that toward those of us on the other side of that discussion, myself in particular.

You have objectively demonstrated that you are not a sincere interlocutor in here. You're too invested in this devils advocate bullshit to see any of that.

Next time you want to spit all that shit about Japan, take a look in the motherfucking mirror.