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Topic subjectYour blatant disregard for facts applies even to yourself. Bravo.
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13451128, Your blatant disregard for facts applies even to yourself. Bravo.
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed Jan-05-22 12:14 PM
>OP post: if those who don't get the vaxx die, fuck'em
>Me: that's crazy as fuck

This is demonstrably false.

Rather than take my reply for what it is- a direct response to an blanket accusation you made, you now pretend like you said something entirely different in an attempt to frame my reply as something from left field.

You're exemplifying the same reckless disregard for facts and context you use to fuel your antivax rhetoric.

What you said, was that liberals are sociopaths.

>You: anti-vaxxers show these sociopathic behaviors

... which was a completely reasonable and contextually appropriate response to you calling liberals sociopaths within the context of this subject.

>Most people who refuse to get the vaxx aren't doing these

Yes, you took a stand against something I never said nor implied.

Bang up job there.

>What about all these other people who don't want it for other

Their reasoning doesn't change the impact of that choice.

>and don't do any of that shit you mentioned?

Are antivaxx people overloading hospital ER's across the country, straining the system, and creating a very real problem for anyone else who needs care?

They are, and this is objectively true.

Refusing the vaccine actively contributes to the spread- and evolution- of COVID.

You know those people who can't get vaccinated for actual, diagnosed medical issues? or children too young to get the vaccine? The pro-vaxx crowd isn't putting them in danger. The antivaxx crowd is.

Again, this is objectively true- and by default, all antivaxx people do these things, because they are byproducts of the refusal to vaccinate.

Their reasons do not change the impact of that choice.

This is just an objective fact.

>also, since other people have many valid reasons to be
>suspicious of the vaxx AND we have massive pre-existing
>structural issues re: health care, it's detrimental to
>society - *sociopathic*, even - to refuse to explore other
>options for prevention & treatment

>You:....uh i gotta go shit, you want to rant

Your capacity to get so much exactly backward is incredibly alarming.

That's not what I said at all. I said I'd respond to your post if I needed to take a shit, because that's what your post was worth.

You consistently re-frame things in a contextually backward and/or inaccurate way, in order to suit your preference to live in your own reality.