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Topic subjectNone of these morons can answer when their "research" ...
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13451118, None of these morons can answer when their "research" ...
Posted by Brew, Wed Jan-05-22 10:12 AM
.. will end or be satisfactory to them either.

Fuck them all.

>now everyone is a public health, medical research,
>epidemiologist and virologist.
>it's sad and stupid.
>i just wish people would just do what they've been doing since
>they were born.
>every single one of you have multiple vaccines in your body
>right now and have had them since childhood.
>even willingly get optional ones to travel to other countries
>and get visas
>the amount of death, is staggering
>i have no sympathy for stupidity
>caution, questions, sure. But stupidity, NONE