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Topic subjectliberals are fucking sociopath" YOU, so spare the outrage
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13451111, liberals are fucking sociopath" YOU, so spare the outrage
Posted by Cold Truth, Wed Jan-05-22 02:24 AM
>of anti-vaxxers being solely one type of person. Pretending
>that they are to pat yourself on the back for NOT being that
>type of person is fuckshit.
>But go stick your hand up your ass

I didn't say word one about what type of people they are, much less all.

YOU said that "liberals are fucking sociopath"

I pointed out the actual, tangible sociopathic behaviors exhibited by antivaxxers, as well as the ramifications of those behaviors.

I pointed out the abundance of actual sociopathic behavior coming from antivaxxers.

I neither said, nor implied, that all antivaxxers are like this.

This was in direct response to your blanket generalization that liberals are sociopaths, and nothing you said disputed that in the slightest. You sidestepped it completely.

Which shows that you're not sincere and have zero interest in any real discussion on the issue. you just want to rant. Have at it.