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Topic subjectThe idea that all people who are hesitant to get the vaxx
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13451104, The idea that all people who are hesitant to get the vaxx
Posted by kayru99, Tue Jan-04-22 09:37 PM
are abusive assholes is simply not true.

Shit most of my friends in the medical profession (nurses and doctors) are hesitant to get it, and it CLEARLY is a trend in that industry.

If you grew up in or around a working class Black community, then you know dozens of people who ain't getting the vaxx, no time soon. Nametag, service industry workers.

In NYC, the vast majority of working class Black people are unvaxxed, and I'm pretty certain it's even more pronounced in rural Black south.

If you shrug off my people's justifiable suspicion of Pfizer/big pharma, and say they deserve to die because of it, you're either a fucking cracker or a fucking coon.

I know OKP is liberal middle class white people and their token Black pets, but the real world is way more complex and varied than this goof ass bubble of a place.

Y'all keep harping on "the data is the data" but the data says A LOT of things:

the data says America already had a hospital bed and nursing shortage for years PRIOR to COVID.

the data says we have to wealth to simply MAKE MORE HEALTH FACILITIES.
But we don't have a public health care system because everything in america is privatized

the data says the vaccinated can spread the disease as much as the unvaxxed

the data says COVID affects the elderly and the obese way more than anyone else.

the data says Vitamin d, fluvoxamine, and dietary/lifestyle changes are strong preventatives in dealing with COVID...maaaaaybe we should promote those to the vaccine hesitant to save lives

the data says that Pfizer is the most corrupt medical organization in human history and appears to have fudged a lot of data in rushing out it's product.

A functioning civil society that wasn't a complete corporate whore would recognize that a population as massive (300+ million people) and diverse as ours would absolutely not all line up to take any ONE treatment, no matter what that treatment was, and work on the means to treat/protect those who inevitably would not take the pfizer product

That's common fucking sense, and what we see in non-death cult societies.

But liberal Americans can't resist being smug twats in the face of basic humanity, so here we are.