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Topic subjectRE: Relax. We're just having a conversation. No need for sophomoric insults
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13451084, RE: Relax. We're just having a conversation. No need for sophomoric insults
Posted by Heinz, Tue Jan-04-22 03:06 PM
I am relaxed I can't help what tone you read it in. Also where did I insult you? Saying that you are smarter than your reply? You made the moronic false equivalent analogy thinking that was a serious reply to add to the convo is actually insulting to everyone here LOL

>Should the unvaccinated be refused treatment because they chose to refuse the vaccine?

That's not what I said either. I understand the Hippocratic Oath and believe that the doctors should abide by it in any case BUT that is not what this post is about. The post was about not giving a fuck about those people anymore. IF they die they die. We are running out of sympathy for these people, that's all. Now is it IRONIC and annoying that they run to hospitals to receive this exact science from the same people they shit on all day? Hell yeah. That is why we are on that "keep that same energy" vibe.

>>Just trying to understand where your objection is. Is it the ideology they hold or their personal decision? Are you ok with someone who is unvaccinated but understands the science/risks and isn't spreading disinformation? Or is it just the mere choice of being unvaccinated that you find objectionable?

Yes if you don't want to take it, shuttup and don't take it. No need to spread false information — NOT just information that objects to the experts or my beliefs, I'm talking false misleading information that we see and hear from these people every day). Once you do that, i'm on some FUCK YOU shit. Period.

>>Yea - I agree that it's egregious, frustrating, annoying etc. etc.

But that doesn't mean they should be treated any differently by the doctors, nurses and hospitals. You don't judge people's right to care based on their ideology, personal choices, or how wrong/bad of a person they are. Period.

I didn't say ANY of that so that does not apply to me. Do I personally think they shouldn't have the right to care despite their poor choices about the virus? Yep. Fuck them. If I were a doctor would I think that? Yep. Would I still take care of them? Of course. But fuck them and those kinds of people. I can have more than one thought.