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Topic subjectNo disrespect but I think you lost the plot
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13451076, No disrespect but I think you lost the plot
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Jan-04-22 02:02 PM
I agree with everything you are saying- but it isn't what Reeq is saying.

"let the good citizens rock and let the riff raff fend for themselves."

He's essentially saying let the vaxxed go back to normal. It was originally posted in OkaySports because of health protocols.

The problem with letting the vaxxed go back to normal is that vaxxed can still spread.

Immune issues, kids, those who can't get the vax, waning boosters, etc- all would be at even greater risk if we let " the good citizens rock"

Not to mention- either way- the hospitals will be filled and good citizens will be impacted.

Also, with Reeq there is always an element of defending the current administration. He is essentially putting the raging pandemic on individuals rather than our governments failures to help, enforce, etc.

This was his version of "Vaxxed? Okay, masks off lets party!"

Fuck anti-vaxxers and their actions that put everyone at risk.

But at some point we have to admit that "good folks" getting vaccines alone is not the answer. The administration desperately wants it to be and has put all of the eggs in that basket.

There needs to be more enforcement on vax.

There needs to be a plan to vaxx the world.

There needs to be investment in ventilation.

There needs to be the same resources put into developing safe treatments as vaccines.

There needs to be paid leave.

There needs to be better testing

etc etc

Fuck anti-vaxxers but this thing isn't raging still ONLY because of them. I'll never understand why the same dudes who posted weekly about Trump's failures are suddenly ghost on Bidens.

There is a hell of a lot more work to do.

But Reeq doesn't want to make that post because his default is to deflect and defend when it comes to Democrats. Instead its "we did our part, fuck everyone else, lets get back to KD vs Bron"

That type of thinking is almost as bad as anti-vax. It is just as individualistic, selfish, etc.

A global pandemic isn't about individual responsibility.

This idea that because a slight majority of us are vaxxed that we should be able to just act like the pandemic over is insane, selfish, and lacking compassion for other "good folks"