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Topic subjectRelax. We're just having a conversation. No need for sophomoric insults
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13451075, Relax. We're just having a conversation. No need for sophomoric insults
Posted by Vex_id, Tue Jan-04-22 01:46 PM
>Nobody is saying don’t treat smokers with lung cancer
>because they chose to smoke.

Should the unvaccinated be refused treatment because they chose to refuse the vaccine?

Denying that Covid is serious,
>that vaccines don’t work, or that the experts have it all
>wrong is not the same as choosing to smoke and get sick
>UNLESSZ said smoker doesn’t believe in the experts and their
>data on smoking leading to lung cancer.

Just trying to understand where your objection is. Is it the ideology they hold or their personal decision? Are you ok with someone who is unvaccinated but understands the science/risks and isn't spreading disinformation? Or is it just the mere choice of being unvaccinated that you find objectionable?

>Denying the science before getting sick and doing the most for
>your “freedoms” then getting sick and clogging up
>hospitals asking for the SAME people to help you with the
>exact science you spent denying all while arguing with them to
>give your the vaccine and shit like ivermectin and other shit
>that doesn’t work is who we are talking about.

Yea - I agree that it's egregious, frustrating, annoying etc. etc.

But that doesn't mean they should be treated any differently by the doctors, nurses and hospitals. You don't judge people's right to care based on their ideology, personal choices, or how wrong/bad of a person they are. Period.