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Topic subjectevery fuckn word of this
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13451074, every fuckn word of this
Posted by Mynoriti, Tue Jan-04-22 01:41 PM
particularly the exhaustion part

>Do you have videos of pro-vax people, say, abusing service
>workers, because they ask them to wear a mask?
>Granted, I'm sure you can find some outliers where pro-vaxx
>people exhibit that sort of sociopath behavior. But
>antivaxxers have largely that shit on lock.
>The fact is, the anti-vaxx community displays those behaviors
>in droves.
>Are pro-vaxx people overloading hospital ER's across the
>country, straining the system, and creating a very real
>problem for anyone else who needs care?
>Are pro-vaxx people harassing teachers and school board
>members across the country?
>As has been said: the data is the data. Vaccines are
>overwhelmingly the best way to deal with a virus, and the
>overwhelmingly best way to contain a pandemic.
>Conversely, refusing the vaccine actively contributes to the
>spread- and evolution- of COVID.
>You know those people who can't get vaccinated for actual,
>diagnosed medical issues? or children too young to get the
>vaccine? The pro-vaxx crowd isn't putting them in danger. The
>antivaxx crowd is.
>This is demonstrable and inarguable sociopathic behavior.
>To that end, There's nothing sociopathic about compassion
>fatigue. Everyone has a limit to how much compassion they have
>for a given situation.
>There's nothing sociopathic about the sentiment expressed in
>the OP.
>It's simply acknowledging that the impact on the antivaxx
>community is, at this point, largely on themselves, and the
>OP- like many of us- are finding it increasingly difficult to
>care about them, because their decisions on this issue have
>consequences for all of us, because getting COVID is not the
>only consequence of COVID.
>So yeah, for whoever fits that bill, a lot of us are fresh out
>of fucks to give. That's not sociopathy talking. It's fucking