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Topic subjectThis ain't it.
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13451063, This ain't it.
Posted by Vex_id, Tue Jan-04-22 12:32 PM
One of the most disturbing trends of the pandemic is seeing people project unwellness onto others with reckless abandon. You see rabid anti-vax people claiming those who go the vaccine have "damaged their dna" and will inevitably develop auto-immune diseases, and even hoping that people do so their morbid prophecy can be proven correct. You also have people poking fun at unvaccinated people for having severe disease and even gloating at their deaths.

The lack of compassion is crazy. While the analogy mentioned above may not be perfect (comparing addiction to unvaccinated covid disease) - the principle is sound to me. There are far too many people who advocate for not giving medical treatment/care to those who have refused the vaccine. This is lunacy, and patently unkind/draconian.

Would we not treat someone with lung cancer who made the bad decision to smoke cigarettes their whole life? Basically just saying, 'meh. you smoked bruh. Sorry - we refuse to treat you because of your bad life choices."

Not only does this violate a physician's Hippocratic Oath (to treat any and everyone - regardless of their life decisions/condition) - but it's wildly dehumanizing. The pandemic is bad enough in itself without people trying to score points whenever there's an unvaccinated death and/or an adverse event from the vaccine.