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Topic subjectI don't see where he says you should die
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13451052, I don't see where he says you should die
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue Jan-04-22 11:36 AM
Or that he wants you to die

The sentiment expressed is that you, and those who share your views on the vaccine, are choosing to forgo the best and most reasonable available option that would best contain this pandemic, likely constraining it's evolution in the process, lessening the strain on the health care system and front line workers, lessening the negative impact to the economy, etc.

Nobody wants you to die. But on the whole, antivaxxers are on the low end of the empathy totem pole, because antivaxxers are doing the most to help it stick around- which means you're helping all the other shit that comes with it.

By and large, there's very little to empathize with there. Covid is deadly, yet your camp is actively fighting the best available methods to fight COVID. So yeah, if antivaxx folks die because they don't want to get vaccinated, why should the rest of us shed tears for that?

And to be crystal clear here, that is not the same as actively rooting for you to die, which isn't at all what I or the OP said.

Frankly, it's unsurprising that an antivaxxer is misrepresenting the sentiment of the OP. It is a little too on brand though.