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Topic subjectAnti-vaxx sentiment is the definiton of sociopathic behavior.
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13451050, Anti-vaxx sentiment is the definiton of sociopathic behavior.
Posted by Cold Truth, Tue Jan-04-22 11:14 AM
Do you have videos of pro-vax people, say, abusing service workers, because they ask them to wear a mask?

Granted, I'm sure you can find some outliers where pro-vaxx people exhibit that sort of sociopath behavior. But antivaxxers have largely that shit on lock.

The fact is, the anti-vaxx community displays those behaviors in droves.

Are pro-vaxx people overloading hospital ER's across the country, straining the system, and creating a very real problem for anyone else who needs care?

Are pro-vaxx people harassing teachers and school board members across the country?

As has been said: the data is the data. Vaccines are overwhelmingly the best way to deal with a virus, and the overwhelmingly best way to contain a pandemic.

Conversely, refusing the vaccine actively contributes to the spread- and evolution- of COVID.

You know those people who can't get vaccinated for actual, diagnosed medical issues? or children too young to get the vaccine? The pro-vaxx crowd isn't putting them in danger. The antivaxx crowd is.

This is demonstrable and inarguable sociopathic behavior.

To that end, There's nothing sociopathic about compassion fatigue. Everyone has a limit to how much compassion they have for a given situation.

There's nothing sociopathic about the sentiment expressed in the OP.

It's simply acknowledging that the impact on the antivaxx community is, at this point, largely on themselves, and the OP- like many of us- are finding it increasingly difficult to care about them, because their decisions on this issue have consequences for all of us, because getting COVID is not the only consequence of COVID.

So yeah, for whoever fits that bill, a lot of us are fresh out of fucks to give. That's not sociopathy talking. It's fucking exhaustion.