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Topic subjectDerek Thompson (hygiene theater dude) has been on an interesting run
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13450989, Derek Thompson (hygiene theater dude) has been on an interesting run
Posted by Nodima, Mon Jan-03-22 12:45 PM
He's recently been pointing out that COVID has gone through three distinct phases and that this third phase is by far the most complicated. I'm paraphrasing but this is essentially his breakdown and I can relate to it.


Phase 2: Yay, let's all get vaccinated, or, Y'all, we been out here anyway

Phase 3: Hey please get vaccinated and wear a mask in all social settings still, or, Hey please get vaccinated and get back to life as normal, or, Y'all over there looking dumb as hell getting sick with your snake oil and/or still wearing masks

And I feel it so acutely because I still so distinctly remember fall of 2020, working restaurant service with a mask and mocking customers who refused or chose not to wear one with my coworkers during that service...only to walk across the street to the industry bar after work and not wear a mask unless I went to the bathroom. And now I feel almost ENTIRELY different, where I watch someone walk to the bar I now work at wearing a mask in the street, take it off when they sit down, put it on whenever they go to the bathroom, take it off whenever they're seated, then put it on when they leave...to me, even the mask is just theater now. It's a presentation in lieu of an actual stance or preventative measure. It's just a personality/political trait now.

We lost the plot on this whole thing. It sucks. I'm not any better than anybody but it's wild.

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