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Topic subjectI hate to say it but I agree.
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13450984, I hate to say it but I agree.
Posted by walihorse, Mon Jan-03-22 11:32 AM
More so the part that kills is how these unvaxxed hospital patients treat health care workers.

They yell and accuse them of shit, all due to their lack on common sense.
just reading through this thread, I know its anecdotal, but still there is a correlation.


If you that adamant about not getting treatment for covid then keep your ass home. The leap between nope, I don't want something in my body to then well I need an IV and other types of drugs to heal me, makes no sense to me at all.

You bout it be bout it, stay the fuck home when you're sick.

If you don't want the vaccine which can help prevent death then decide to do whatever you want and contract a KNOWN illness than its on you.

Why do I have to worry about your health or your life when you clearly don't. Is it cruel? Maybe, not like I am out in front of hospitals with signs saying stay out unvaxxed, you body your choice and Jesus cures all so, go pray.