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Topic subjectAt least we know who the CHUMPS are now
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13450960, At least we know who the CHUMPS are now
Posted by handle, Sun Jan-02-22 11:49 AM
I don't wish them death - but if they die (without taking anyone with them) I'm much less surprised.

If they die and cause people around them disease - I lost any sympathy for them.

My Uncle's HOBBY was being a covid denier and anti-vaxx person. He's dead from COVID - unless you ask his wife - who says the death was "probably" caused by a pneumonia vaccine the doctor "tricked" him into taking.

He could have taken the COVID vaccine and STILL died - but I have much less sympathy for him then I would have he he practiced a single ounce of prevention.

And my 12 year old cousin is fatherless now.

Saracasm:At least he didn't live his life in fear -- although the last month of his life was spent living on his chest in a hospital bed with bed sores on his face and no visitors allowed.

Note:People with actual, valid medical reasons who can not take the vaccine are not viewed by me in this way.