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Topic subjectIt makes you idiots because of how you process the data
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13450957, It makes you idiots because of how you process the data
Posted by Heinz, Sun Jan-02-22 11:13 AM
The biggest argument right now is that the death numbers are low when discussing Omicron. You guys stopped making that argument for Covid in general because the actual data is way too large to even make that stupid statement. So if Omicron death numbers are so low and shouldnt be a concern NOW then why do you disregard the death numbers as a result of the vaccine?! It’s the same argument that you are making for variants/lockdown talks. You just cherry pick stats because you don’t know how to process them while making intelligent talking points. The fact you think there is an overwhelmng number or scientists and epidemiologists who argue against the vaccines or the data is crazy. Nobody denies they exist but again lets use your same argument for low percentage of deaths in this talking point. The percentage of scientists and epidemiologists who agree with you is so insignificant and not concerning compared to the ones who do believe in the science and data that you should be keeping that same energy but you don’t…. Because you are just scared to get a jab. And thats all this is about. Not health, not the concern for others. It’s all based in feelings.