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Topic subjectFew things
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13450948, Few things
Posted by Stadiq, Sat Jan-01-22 10:21 PM

1. The vax alone isn’t enough at this point. Treatments,
paid leave, etc would help a lot.

2. Thinking that telling everyone “masks off if
you pinky swear you’re vaxxed” would work
was naive as fuck.

3. There wasn’t enough data to say vaxxed
wouldn’t spread. Spoil alert: vaxxed can spread.

4. Where are the vax mandates to fly? How about
tax credits to vax? Etc? Why is there so little
effort to get vaxxed up?

5. Fuck trump and the GOP. But the idea that poor
Biden can’t do anything to overcome some stuff is

And Trump didn’t just cut quarantine in half.

Anyone who is saying they didn’t expect more out
of the Biden admin is lying. It’s just tough to admit
when your side isn’t that much better.