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Topic subjectThats fine by me personally
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13450947, Thats fine by me personally
Posted by The Mac, Sat Jan-01-22 09:06 PM
You didn't but Reeq as OP clearly doesnt mind us dying.

Either way your position sets a hell of a precedent. Arbitrarily create new divisions to discriminate against others.

Ya'll set the line at vaccines but when it comes to ...addiction, obesity, etc...excuses and excuses

What I don't understand is why, say, cloosing McD's is too extreme, but forcing unproven vaccines is not only OK, but we should be at the bottom of society and denied service? Ya'll realize vaccinated are transmitting AT THE SAME RATE right?

I just find it funny how OKP be all social justice about 99% of shit, but when it comes to this COVID shit ya'll are down for segregation, death, etc for people who don't think like you