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13450943, RE: re: Why ya'll keep glossing this little fact over??
Posted by The Mac, Sat Jan-01-22 05:36 PM

>1. vaccines prevent mutations. if we keep fucking around,
>we're about to find the fuck out with a vaccine proof variant
>if it already hasn't happened.

That's not entirely true, and there are many scientists who argue the opposite. See "leaky vaccines" "immune escape" - Dr Geert van den Bosche...

>2. I have several heart conditions I monitor, remember in 2020
>when young people were dropping dead from strokes and heart
>attacks? The risk of myocarditis is something I've considered,
>but the risk of getting into trouble from covid complications
>is just too high for me.

I totally get that and I respect your decision to get vaccinated. I respect that you think the vaccine can help with your heart condition. I am VERY close to somebody similar - 4 heart surgeries, a lifelong heart condition - and he doesn't want to take it b/c he is worried about further inflammation. I can't see why that makes him an idiot?

>3. again and again...people seem to focus on death being the
>reason for being afraid of covid. Man, long covid is no joke.
>The prosthetic industry has been pretty active since covid
>popped off because there are lots of cases of people losing
>extremities relating to oxygen starvation.
>Few seem to talk about the fact that rehab centers have been
>filling up since covid hit. Oh cool, you survived...now take
>your sick ass to rehab while we help you try to live a
>somewhat normal life.
>Few seem to talk about what it's like to be in the hospital
>with covid...man, you don't just chill in the hospital, you
>spend the majority laying on your stomach laying prone to help
>oxygen get into your lungs.
>There are people who are now suicidal because they haven't
>been able to taste food or smell...still. Theres even an
>unfortunate subgroup of people who have an altered sense of
>taste where everything tastes like rotting food and since this
>is all new, we don't know if things are going to go back to
>normal or not.

I understand all that but that doesn't make people hesitant to get the vaccine idiots that we should wish death upon does it?

>4. Just for once, tell us what you think we should be doing?
>I've seen every argument for pushing back on covid vaccines,
>but never a real solid plan of action beyond, "um, not for me"
>- ok, then, what? We just ignore things because they are not
>that bad?

I think we should have a real conversation about the vaccines safety, build real informed consent, and learn to live with COVID, because vaxx or not it's here to stay even hopefully in a mild fashion. We should NOT quarantine healthy people, lockdown the world, and mandate experimental medications.