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Topic subjectre: Why ya'll keep glossing this little fact over??
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13450927, re: Why ya'll keep glossing this little fact over??
Posted by double negative, Fri Dec-31-21 05:42 PM
>Why would I take a risk when I already beat COVID w/ 0
>issues, I have 0% risk of hospitalization or death (30 years
>old, no health issues, and repeat already beat COVID), vaxx is
>not doing a thing IRT to transmission (so I'm not helping you
>or my grandma)...
>And if I take it I have a solid chance of developing
>myocarditis, some neurological disease, or dying?
>Why ya'll keep glossing this little fact over??

1. vaccines prevent mutations. if we keep fucking around, we're about to find the fuck out with a vaccine proof variant if it already hasn't happened.

2. I have several heart conditions I monitor, remember in 2020 when young people were dropping dead from strokes and heart attacks? The risk of myocarditis is something I've considered, but the risk of getting into trouble from covid complications is just too high for me.

3. again and again...people seem to focus on death being the reason for being afraid of covid. Man, long covid is no joke.

The prosthetic industry has been pretty active since covid popped off because there are lots of cases of people losing extremities relating to oxygen starvation. https://www.uchealth.org/today/severe-covid-19-leads-to-limb-amputation/

Few seem to talk about the fact that rehab centers have been filling up since covid hit. Oh cool, you survived...now take your sick ass to rehab while we help you try to live a somewhat normal life.

Few seem to talk about what it's like to be in the hospital with covid...man, you don't just chill in the hospital, you spend the majority laying on your stomach laying prone to help oxygen get into your lungs.

There are people who are now suicidal because they haven't been able to taste food or smell...still. Theres even an unfortunate subgroup of people who have an altered sense of taste where everything tastes like rotting food and since this is all new, we don't know if things are going to go back to normal or not.

4. Just for once, tell us what you think we should be doing? I've seen every argument for pushing back on covid vaccines, but never a real solid plan of action beyond, "um, not for me" - ok, then, what? We just ignore things because they are not that bad?