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Topic subjectMeanwhile ya'll still discounting dead from vaxx
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13450920, Meanwhile ya'll still discounting dead from vaxx
Posted by The Mac, Fri Dec-31-21 03:09 PM
Why would I take a risk when I already beat COVID w/ 0 issues, I have 0% risk of hospitalization or death (30 years old, no health issues, and repeat already beat COVID), vaxx is not doing a thing IRT to transmission (so I'm not helping you or my grandma)...

And if I take it I have a solid chance of developing myocarditis, some neurological disease, or dying?

Why ya'll keep glossing this little fact over??

Lil spreadsheet so ya'll inform ya'llselves in case VAERS (and Israeli, Canadian, EU, UK equivalents) weren't enough...


Ya I'm an idiot ignorant asshole for not trusting the most corrupt company in history, and you are smart for vaxxing and masking your 4 year olds...