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Topic subjectExactly. Lines were drawn at that point.
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13450604, Exactly. Lines were drawn at that point.
Posted by soulfunk, Sat Dec-25-21 10:19 AM
For example, Biden telling people that they could go without masks when vaccinated SHOULD have been a great incentive for people to get vaccinated so we could return to “normal”. The same people who had been complaining about mask mandates all along. But it had the opposite effect, because there’s such a large percentage of the population locked in against it. I mentioned it in another post but when those mask mandates changed it ended up being the complete opposite, in that if you had a mask on while in public it was somewhat a sign that you WERE vaxed and taking the pandemic seriously, and vice versa.

All that being said, I think the strategy used in the last couple weeks of praising Trump for the vaccine is great on two fronts - first because if should remind these stupid folks that the vaccine isn’t some Biden created agenda, and to remind them that Trump himself is vaccinated. But second, since Trump can’t resist accepting praise, he’s actually been talking about it, letting folks know he’s boosted and thanking Biden for being “nice” to him, getting boo’d by his own crowds and such. Anything that can potentially chip away at how locked in they are to Trump as their ultimate hero is a positive thing. (Well, until the GOP rallies behind a halfway competent candidate pushing their agenda…)