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Topic subjectJust learn to live without hoops man
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13450600, Just learn to live without hoops man
Posted by Stadiq, Fri Dec-24-21 11:39 PM
You just going to ignore folks with immune issues?


Hospitals being overrun and unable to provide
other care?


All cuz you’re mad Xmas nba will be garbage?

The real answer to this is something you’ll never
admit and that’s that the Biden admin has been
terrible on this outside of the vaccine.

Put all their stock in that and nothing else.

If the other side was still in charge, you would
have posted a critique of the response.

Instead, you posted some selfish bullshit
TWICE now if you include your rough draft
in OkaySports.

No contact tracing. No testing plan for a year,
then a garbage ass plan. No mandates to
get on planes. No paid leave. No guidance
for schools. Telling everyone to take their
masks off. No rush to develop treatments. No ongoing
relief. No plan to address capacity.

And no plan to wave patents and vaccinate the

The bar was so fucking low for your boy I guess he
couldn’t miss. But the failures of this admin to
lead on this issue and their desire to declare victory
a few months in should disgust anyone without
some blond loyalty agenda shit.

You’d really rather feed vulnerable, well-meaning
people….kids….healthcare workers….and anyone
needing any kind of healthcare to the wolves to
get Bron vs KD?

People who won’t get vaxxed should have harder
lives for sure. Like not being able to fly.

But to pretend they are the only ones still suffering
is selfish entitled bullshit.

Direct some of your frustration at the admin- be consistent.