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Topic subjectIf They Die, They Die (Ivan Drago Voice)
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13450579, If They Die, They Die (Ivan Drago Voice)
Posted by Reeq, Fri Dec-24-21 01:41 PM
im done with this altruistic/compassionate shit.

if unvaxxed folks wanna continue to gamble with their bodies…then thats on them.

i feel like too much of our approach revolves around well intentioned people (who do the right thing and get vaxxed) handcuffing themselves to protect the boneheaded assholes whose minds arent changing almost 2 years into this shit.

the biggest burden shouldnt be on the people who are genuinely part of the solution.

the numbers for hospitalizations and deaths are overwhelmingly/dramatically comprised of the unvaxxed. its no longer on everyone else to keep *them* out of harms way.

let the good citizens rock and let the riff raff fend for themselves.

even trump is looking at these people like idiots at this point (s/o candace owens). imagine still caring about these people.