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Topic subjectwatched a buncha shows:
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13465688, watched a buncha shows:
Posted by poetx, Tue Aug-02-22 10:33 PM


Kim's Convenience - discovered that by accident on Netflix. watched all 5 seasons. really nice sitcom. simu leiu was on that before he blew up w/ shang chi

lupin - all (however many) seasons, i think 2, on netflix. french series (crime / heist joint) featuring omar sy. first series we ever watched about Black french people. fux w/ it.

Man Like Mobeen - bri'ish telly sitcom. came up on that early this summer and binged through it. that was interesting. funny series about a pakistani ex thug in the hood in england trying to stay on the straight and narrow and raise his little sister.

Only Murders In the Building (hulu) - 2nd season now. still on. this has replaced our get a glass of wine and chill show (was Grand Cru + Abbott Elementary before their seasons ).

the witcher - netflix

the Orville (hulu) - 3rd season. this show is really good. star trek, but more irreverent, but they be hitting on some serious shit. and the production values are really dope for a kind of star trek comedy.

the expanse - (season 6 was over last year. been finished that. but it's really one of the best modern sf series ever. great writing, production values, acting, and it's very smart. described as GoT in space, but long before George RR Martin ran out of gas and the series went to shit). it's on amazon prime. every season is dope.

peace & blessings,



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