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Topic subjectI watched the first episode the other night
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13453865, I watched the first episode the other night
Posted by Hitokiri, Thu Feb-17-22 09:22 AM
And I was actually very surprised by how good it is!
Everything I saw in the the promo down to the images used on Peacock told me that I was going to hate this shit. I put it on completely expecting to turn it off after like 20 minutes... but that shit is actually quite good. Will clearly pumped a lot of money into this show, and that's, imo, a part of what makes it good. So often they try to make shows on a shoestring budget and they turn out really bad. That's not to say this one isn't without it's problems. That was a whoooole lot to pack into a single episode that basically takes place over like 48 hours. It's super dramatic at every turn, Will's romance is super rushed, and they need to explain how this lawyer appears to be a goddamn billionaire. But they are true to the original in a lot of ways, while modernizing it in a lot of really good ways. It feels like it was written by Black folks. The kids, talk like kids talk; the updates to Jazz and Geoffrey are well done. I'ma keep watching.