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13451512, RE: Vaxxed and done
Posted by bentagain, Tue Jan-11-22 09:54 AM
I may not have a choice being that I work in healthcare
But the idea of continuing to get boosted, every 6 months to a year...without mandates
I can understand the sentiment
I was hoping to be at herd immunity this summer
Looking like another year lost because it's still a choose your own adventure approach
I wept when I saw the vaxxed number is at 62%
Really disappointing to see the back and forth statements from the CDC
I'm exhausted by it all...and I don't blame anyone for side-eying whatever new recommendation comes out for the willing

Mandate the vaccine or enforce social measures nationwide

I was confident the Biden administration was competent enough to handle the pandemic
The changes in messaging and lack of action on a national level are pushing me toward vaxxed and done

I'll be staying home until this $hit is over
F your economy.