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Topic subjectI do have to say
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13451432, I do have to say
Posted by Ryan M, Mon Jan-10-22 01:56 PM
And perhaps I'm wrong (been wrong many a time during this pandemic)...

I'm vaxxed, boosted, etc. I believe in vaccinations, of course. But if this is the strain we're stuck with (and who the fuck knows if THATs the case)...why are vaccine passports/mandates necessary? I certainly understood with the original strain, with Delta, etc. - but the fact that our current vaccines don't prevent omicron, and vaccinated people can pass it around as much (or nearly as much) as non-vaxxed people - why are we still mandating it?

It just seems to be a hugely divisive issue and in all sincerity - I'm so exhausted of being mad at or disappointed in the general public/people around me.