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Topic subjectRE: the bar should not be so low
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13451329, RE: the bar should not be so low
Posted by handle, Fri Jan-07-22 04:21 PM
>For the life of me I won't get people NOT being upset with
>Dems when they do GOP shit.

We're not going to agree.

GOP = Actually hoping people die so they can use it to get elected. ACTAULLY doing that. No hyperbole. I believe that 100% by listening to what they say.

DNC = NONE of that.

This is why there will not be a coalition government in the US, and no third parties.

>I work for a nationally recognized healthcare system that is on the >brink of collapse- and one of the final, major straws has been the >changed CDC guidance on quarantine. It has created a fucking >hellscape and more nurses have quit in the last little bit than any >time during this. It is chaos. And has pit frontline vs admin more >than any time I have seen.

Working near asompytpomic people DURING a staffing crisis with no symptoms after 5 days of onset AND masked and remain without symptoms are the last straw? Hasn't been that way at my hospital system, or county because it's implement only that way when in critical staffing shortages.

And it never allows symptomatic people to work. And ALL must work with masks. And our system requires the fit testing procedures to be followed very closely.

I also work for a large hospital system.

I didn't see the change as dramatic as EVEYRONE seems to think it is. It's not "You coughing fever-y mess, come into the hospital and cough on people because we wants to make MONEY."

It's FAR from that, and much more nuanced. But I guess DNC=GOP isn't nuanced either.

Here's our orders:


d.Health care employers with critical staffing shortages and lacking the staff to provide safe patient care may use Contingency Capacity Strategies as described by CDC where asymptomatic healthcare personnel (including in skilled nursing facilities during an outbreak
when all staff are considered potentially exposed) are allowed to continue work with a surgical mask or respirator with PCR or antigen testing upon identification and at Day 5-7, but still report temperature and absence of symptoms each day until 10 days after exposure.

e.Persons other than health care personnel who reside or work in a high-risk congregate living setting (e.g., skilled nursing facilities, prisons, jails, shelters) or persons residing or working with severely immunosuppressed persons (e.g., bone marrow or solid organ
transplants, chemotherapy) shall quarantine for 10 days in the absence of staffing shortages.