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Topic subjectRight? It doesn't even make sense politically
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13451317, Right? It doesn't even make sense politically
Posted by Stadiq, Fri Jan-07-22 03:09 PM
Its like Democrats are actively trying to break up their coalition.

Nothing to protect Black voters.

Nothing on Roe.

Nothing on these strikes.

And now basically telling teachers to quit bitching and get to work.

The next two cycles are going to be a fucking bloodbath.

I saw a tweet that essentially said "We are seeing in real time what happens when Democrats try to serve workers and capital at the same time" and it has stuck with me.

That is exactly what is happening. They are showing voters who matters most when shit hits the fan.

I think they could skate in good times- appear to serve both and get away with it.... but during a crisis? Its clear who is most important to them.