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Topic subjectthe bar should not be so low
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13451315, the bar should not be so low
Posted by Stadiq, Fri Jan-07-22 03:01 PM
>>The previous administration said stupid dangerous shit,
>>downplayed the severity of COVID, tried to focus on the
>>"booming economy", complained about school closures,
>>implemented racist travel bans, and in general tried to
>>pretend things weren't as bad as they were.
>Do you *honestly* think Biden is trying to downplay it? I
>don't. I hear him talking about it being a huge health issue
>all the time, telling people to mask, telling people to get
>vaccinated. And that it's not "over."

Yes. He and his admin absolutely are downplaying it.

That is why quarantine was cut in half, pressure on schools to be open, etc.

That is why- just like Trump- the message has been "economy! economy! economy!"

If they weren't downplaying it, their response would be more than "get vaxxed jack"

>Somethings have changed -- there are treatments and therapies
>that exist now that did not exist in 2020.
>Vaccination seems to prevent many infections, and even when
>you are infected it greatly improves your outcomes.
>We also have therapies that worked well - well until Omicron
>took a few away, including prophylactic antibody treatments,
>post-infection antibody treatments, and now the Merck and
>Pfizer drugs are becoming available.

Biden admin took their foot off the gas when vaccines hit. They were very naïve about participation and their effectiveness in preventing the spread.

They were so eager to declare victory they did not put enough resources into testing, etc.

We are living it, man. Cant find tests. Masks price gouged. The treatments you referenced have to be rationed.

>>The current administration has done all of the above. (Yes,
>>telling vaxxed to take their masks off before data supported
>>it was one of the dumbest, most dangerous things to come out
>>of this. As will be cutting quarantine)
>They told people they could go mask less when if they were
>vaccinated and around other people who were also vaccinated -
>because at the time it was safe, and also as an incentive to
>get vaccinated. they didn't say 'You're vaxxed, everything is
>back to normal, problem solved."

You're splitting hairs here. I know why they told people to take their masks off. They were dumb enough to think that would incentivize enough people. It didn't. Everyone took their masks off and business weren't comfortable requiring them.

There wasn't enough data at the time to support it. Even then, vaxxed can still spread.

Again, their plan needs to be more than the vaccine.

>If the situation would have stayed static (and , to be clear -
>it did not stay static) that was not a crazy message.
>Literally half of the country was done with masks by that
>point anyways - governors mandating by law that masks can not
>be required.

Why in the world would anyone think the situation would stay satic? Not a single serious person though that.

Variants have always been a possibility.

And when the Biden admin did that, they removed any cover for businesses etc who still required them.

I live in a blue city in a red ass state. Mask compliance was relatively decent prior to that.

Once they said that, it was a shit storm. Businesses did not feel comfortable requiring them, etc.

They did it too soon.

There were/are much better ways to get people to vax- like requiring it for air travel, tax breaks, etc.

>Once delta hit that advise was changed - and changed AFTER I
>caught delta. They changed the guidance --but too late.

And yet Delta didn't teach them a fucking thing. Omnicron is mollywhopping shit and the Biden admin has no fucking answer for it.

When are we allowed to ask the Biden admin to be prepared?

>>Biden admin wants you to focus only on the economy. Wants
>>your ass back to work. Wants teachers asses back to work so
>>that you can send your kids to school so that your ass can
>>get back to work.
>Seems like the COUNTRY wants that - literally 75% or more of
>the country wants it "in the past" and Biden is trying to
>provide as much public health guidance and support as he can.
>He hasn't done it purposefully or recklessly - but if you
>think he's motivated 1/10 as much as Trump by denial and
>focusing on money - I disagree.

I think you get too invested in seeing Democrats as better people.

They are. There you go.

That doesn't mean they aren't shitty. Okay so Trump was 100% motivated by economy and Biden is 50%- how does that help anyone?

The results, sadly, are shockingly similar.

>I don't see Biden as a ruthless capitalist. But he's certainly
>trying to balance it - while my inclination would be to focus
>only on health, I don't think any country has been able to do

Why is it so important to you that Biden isn't seen as a ruthless capitalist?

No. Biden is a politician. He and his administration are absolutely prioritizing the economy over safety.

That's an undeniable fact.

Everything else just seems like you are trying to make yourself feel better about it

>>Biden admin declared premature victory ...shit I don't even
>>know why. Corruption? Same master?
>I don't remember him declaring victory - I remember him saying
>the plan was working. And it was working UNTIL IT DIDN'T
>because the variants were a variable no one had control over.

And yet, they didn't learn a lesson from Delta.

Where is the admin's plan to vaccinate the world to stop variants?

Where is the plan for testing, masks, etc for the next variant?

Why is each variant the first variant to these people?

>>Cuz they could have dragged it out and blamed Trump. they
>>could have managed expectations better.
>that's it , it's expectations.
>No one's saying Trump could have solved COVID - we're just
>saying he maliciously did it for political reasons and plain

He thought downplaying COVID would keep the economy and get him reelected.

Biden thinks focusing on the economy will get him reelected. Democrats need donations from companies like Delta. etc

That's the problem here. Both parties serve the same masters, essentially.

Joe Biden is a much, much, much better person than Donald Trump. I'm not arguing he isn't.

I am arguing we should expect more from Joe.

Its that simple.

>Trump saying "I'm not going to wear a mask" was a point where
>30% of the people in the country. And he did it for
>>A year in the pandemic is still raging. Vaxxed are
>>it. Vaxxed are getting ill. Testing is shit. Masks are
>>getting price gouged. And Uncle Joe wants your kids in
>>for the same reason they cut quarantine. Economy baby.
>>Doners. Fuck your kids, your safety, all of that.
>Yeah, that's you projecting.
>>Writing was on the wall for Omnicron months ago. Months
>> But, job numbers!!
>Really? November 24th was 6 weeks ago.

Uh, ok. Why are they not 6 weeks ahead?

And why didn't they learn anything from Delta?

And what are the chances you and I are having this same debate about Omega or whatever?

When are we allowed to expect more?

>He could have ordered 1 billion tests and 1 billion masks in
>February - but a lot of folks would have criticized that in
>the same way if they ended up not being used.

Who? Republicans? I don't give a shit and neither should the Biden admin- thats the point.

Fuck yeah- lets be overprepared and share with the world.

I thought thats what would happen when the adults took over.
>>Why is everyone okay with it just because it has a nicer
>>Just because Biden has the right jersey on?
>Nope, because he's doing a BETTER job than Trump and I believe
>he's trying to manage it.

Better is such fucking low bar. By admitting the virus is an issue and telling people to get vaxxed?

Trump recently said people should get vaxxed. Should he be Prez again?

Why can't we ask for more of Democrats?

>I think the sheer amount of disease GLABBLY means we can only
>try to manage it now - I see this as something you can't clean
>up and "fix' but you can try to manage and get it better.
>And yes, I'm depressed about it all. And especially my fellow

When the Biden admin took over I honesty didn't expect much on my wish list. Slim majority, etc.

I thought they would do a little more with the 1/6 juice, but nah.

Anyway, one thing I really thought would happen is a competently managed pandemic.

For instance, if you would have told me the Biden CDC- without data to support the decision and, in fact, with data to contradict the decision- would cut quarantine in half I would not have believed you.

If you would have told me a THIRD variant came and the admin wasn't at all ready, I would not have believed you.

If you would have told me that, like the GOP, the Biden admin and blue check liberals were pressuring schools to stay open, I would not have believed you.

If you would have told me in 2022 I won't be able to find reasonably priced masks, tests, etc I would not have believed you.

I could go on and on.

It has not been a competent response. And if Biden were GOP, you would agree with me. You're playing agenda team sport politics.

I work for a nationally recognized healthcare system that is on the brink of collapse- and one of the final, major straws has been the changed CDC guidance on quarantine. It has created a fucking hellscape and more nurses have quit in the last little bit than any time during this. It is chaos. And has pit frontline vs admin more than any time I have seen.

The Biden admin is doing better than Trump, but that is such a low fucking bar I could scream.

They are failing at this pandemic. Which on top of everything, is moronic politically. Sometimes voters need to at least see you try.

For the life of me I won't get people NOT being upset with Dems when they do GOP shit.

Look in this thread. Folks are pissed at local officials for their school stance, but its crickets when I point out Biden has the same stance. Unreal.