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Topic subjectI'm more cautious than the current admin but things HAVE changed
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13451196, I'm more cautious than the current admin but things HAVE changed
Posted by handle, Thu Jan-06-22 01:36 PM
>The previous administration said stupid dangerous shit,
>downplayed the severity of COVID, tried to focus on the
>"booming economy", complained about school closures,
>implemented racist travel bans, and in general tried to
>pretend things weren't as bad as they were.

Do you *honestly* think Biden is trying to downplay it? I don't. I hear him talking about it being a huge health issue all the time, telling people to mask, telling people to get vaccinated. And that it's not "over."

Somethings have changed -- there are treatments and therapies that exist now that did not exist in 2020.

Vaccination seems to prevent many infections, and even when you are infected it greatly improves your outcomes.

We also have therapies that worked well - well until Omicron took a few away, including prophylactic antibody treatments, post-infection antibody treatments, and now the Merck and Pfizer drugs are becoming available.

>The current administration has done all of the above. (Yes,
>telling vaxxed to take their masks off before data supported
>it was one of the dumbest, most dangerous things to come out
>of this. As will be cutting quarantine)

They told people they could go mask less when if they were vaccinated and around other people who were also vaccinated - because at the time it was safe, and also as an incentive to get vaccinated. they didn't say 'You're vaxxed, everything is back to normal, problem solved."

If the situation would have stayed static (and , to be clear - it did not stay static) that was not a crazy message.

Literally half of the country was done with masks by that point anyways - governors mandating by law that masks can not be required.

Once delta hit that advise was changed - and changed AFTER I caught delta. They changed the guidance --but too late.

>Biden admin wants you to focus only on the economy. Wants
>your ass back to work. Wants teachers asses back to work so
>that you can send your kids to school so that your ass can
>get back to work.

Seems like the COUNTRY wants that - literally 75% or more of the country wants it "in the past" and Biden is trying to provide as much public health guidance and support as he can. He hasn't done it purposefully or recklessly - but if you think he's motivated 1/10 as much as Trump by denial and focusing on money - I disagree.

I don't see Biden as a ruthless capitalist. But he's certainly trying to balance it - while my inclination would be to focus only on health, I don't think any country has been able to do that.

>Biden admin declared premature victory ...shit I don't even
>know why. Corruption? Same master?

I don't remember him declaring victory - I remember him saying the plan was working. And it was working UNTIL IT DIDN'T because the variants were a variable no one had control over.

>Cuz they could have dragged it out and blamed Trump. they
>could have managed expectations better.
that's it , it's expectations.

No one's saying Trump could have solved COVID - we're just saying he maliciously did it for political reasons and plain cruelty.

Trump saying "I'm not going to wear a mask" was a point where 30% of the people in the country. And he did it for

>A year in the pandemic is still raging. Vaxxed are spreading
>it. Vaxxed are getting ill. Testing is shit. Masks are
>getting price gouged. And Uncle Joe wants your kids in school
>for the same reason they cut quarantine. Economy baby.
>Doners. Fuck your kids, your safety, all of that.
Yeah, that's you projecting.

>Writing was on the wall for Omnicron months ago. Months ago.
> But, job numbers!!

Really? November 24th was 6 weeks ago.

He could have ordered 1 billion tests and 1 billion masks in February - but a lot of folks would have criticized that in the same way if they ended up not being used.

>Why is everyone okay with it just because it has a nicer face?
>Just because Biden has the right jersey on?

Nope, because he's doing a BETTER job than Trump and I believe he's trying to manage it.

I think the sheer amount of disease GLABBLY means we can only try to manage it now - I see this as something you can't clean up and "fix' but you can try to manage and get it better.

And yes, I'm depressed about it all. And especially my fellow countrymen.