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Topic subjectBiden admin wants schools open
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13451167, Biden admin wants schools open
Posted by Stadiq, Thu Jan-06-22 12:06 AM
I know, I know- I'm a broken record.

But folks in this house expected more. Expected the response to be much, much better.

When Democrats won it felt like adults took back over. It was a huge sense of relief.

That was half the story. Adults? Yes. Give a shit? No.

Its been a year. A year.

Biden admin is even taking shots at a Chicago Teacher Union for closing up shop.

The previous administration said stupid dangerous shit, downplayed the severity of COVID, tried to focus on the "booming economy", complained about school closures, implemented racist travel bans, and in general tried to pretend things weren't as bad as they were.

The current administration has done all of the above. (Yes, telling vaxxed to take their masks off before data supported it was one of the dumbest, most dangerous things to come out of this. As will be cutting quarantine)

Biden admin wants you to focus only on the economy. Wants your ass back to work. Wants teachers asses back to work so that you can send your kids to school so that your ass can get back to work.

Trump admin downnplayed COVID at every turn to keep their economy going to win reelection.

Biden admin declared premature victory ...shit I don't even know why. Corruption? Same master?

Cuz they could have dragged it out and blamed Trump. they could have managed expectations better.

A year in the pandemic is still raging. Vaxxed are spreading it. Vaxxed are getting ill. Testing is shit. Masks are getting price gouged. And Uncle Joe wants your kids in school for the same reason they cut quarantine. Economy baby. Doners. Fuck your kids, your safety, all of that.

Writing was on the wall for Omnicron months ago. Months ago. But, job numbers!!

No plan for Omnicron. No tests. No masks. No paid leave. No care.

Just vax up, open schools, and get your ass back to work. Downplay, downplay, blame, shrug shoulders.

Why is everyone okay with it just because it has a nicer face? Just because Biden has the right jersey on?