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Topic subject01/04/2021 - 1 Million Cases a day
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13451045, 01/04/2021 - 1 Million Cases a day
Posted by handle, Tue Jan-04-22 10:37 AM
Well, 1 million REPORTED cases yesterday. And that's probably not counting most people who took home tests and got positive - and definitely doesn't count the people who can't get a test.

And there's still a lot of Delta being reported.


U.S. reports over 1 million new daily Covid cases as omicron surges

The U.S. has reported a record single-day number of daily Covid cases, with more than 1 million new infections.

A total of 1,082,549 new coronavirus cases were reported Monday, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University, as the highly infectious omicron variant continues to spread throughout the country and beyond.

The U.S. also has the highest seven-day average of daily new cases in any country tracked by Johns Hopkins.

The record single-day total may be due in part to delayed reporting from over the holiday weekend. A number of U.S. states did not report data on Dec. 31, New Year’s Eve, and many do not report data on weekends, meaning that some of these cases could be from positive tests taken on prior days.

The latest available weekly data from the U.S. CDC, ended on Dec. 25, estimates that the delta variant accounted for around 41% of cases while omicron made up around 58.6% of U.S. infections.