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Topic subjectMy wife and I been worrying for weeks
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13451037, My wife and I been worrying for weeks
Posted by spenzalii, Tue Jan-04-22 01:54 AM
Our county decided to go virtual until 1/18 before the winter break. The governor of MD was critical, saying it wasn't necessary, was poor judgment by the county, etc. The next day, he announced he had COVID. Life comes at you fast...

Meanwhile, other counties and DC have tried to stick with back to school after the break, but have made changes since Xmas. Some counties want a negative COVID test before the kids can come back (which is hard to get tested over the holiday, hard to find test kits in stores, and hard to get tested during a snowstorm). Some want the parents to inform the school if the child is infected (which I'm sure will go swimmingly). Some are just opening and playing 'lets see how it goes'. All while COVID cases areawide are climbing at a staggering rate.