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Topic subjectI know masks don't work
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13450809, I know masks don't work
Posted by The Mac, Wed Dec-29-21 02:49 PM
They might make you feel better but they don't work, especially not the way ya'll use them. Cloth mask you put on when you walk into a restaurant and then take it off when you get in your seat? Ya'll stupid AF.

Its ugly af and hypocritical to pretend like ya'll masking up all dutifully but I've seen 2 years of exactly how ya'll do. Virtue signalling if that word ever existed.

All those studies up top are horseshit. A 1 person study? The Bangladesh study linked 5x? Laser beams?

In regards to HCQ, there are many studies that prove it works. I'm not gonna bother to do the research for you, it's all over the internet. It's in books. It's been used for 70+ years. Completely non toxic, unpatented, not enough $$

The study you published HCQ one was given LATE in infection, thats the PROBLEM. It works EARLY, this has been documented by thousands of doctors.

Every country in the world has better death rates than America and Europe and they use IVM and HCQ, and people don't mask like that. Here we use remdesivir late in infection, and ventilation. Guess what, remdesivir is a PROVEN toxin that was PULLED from MULTIPLE trials because so many people were dying, and your boy Fauci pushed it for $$$. No randomized trial, no studies, no nothing. How many people in US died from remdesivir?

All this is a $$ game. No money in HCQ or IVM, but they worked all over the world. Simple Google search. All the countries/states using masks, lockdowns, social distancing, remdisivir, etc are FUCKED, and all these 3rd world countries w/o the medical infrastructure and a few tabs of HCQ are doing 1000x better....wake up...

When is common sense gonna set in and ya'll realize that this shit ain't working. Ya'll got your vaccines and still are getting sick. Ya'll still transmitting and theres at least 20,000 dead directly from the vaccine + myocarditis etc... Ya'll got Fauci working overtime and Poppa Biden doing magic but ya'll still setting records? Get out of ya'll big cities and computers and go talk to real people. Go live a little. Go breathe some fresh air. Or go read a fuckin book instead of your little twitter/OKP bubbles of fear mongering liberal horseshit.