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Topic subjectYour premise of "unconditional love' for DEMs is faulty
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13450795, Your premise of "unconditional love' for DEMs is faulty
Posted by handle, Wed Dec-29-21 01:52 PM
>Trump told everyone not to wear a mask- criminal!

>Biden tells vaxxed to take off their masks like weeks in? The data!

If you don't see the difference -- except your hypothesis that us mindless zombies are enthralled by charismatic Joe Biden -- then I don't think there's any possible way to ever change your mind.

> dog had the CDC cut isolation in half under Trump?
If the CDC did it because there was data over x-months saying that in asymptomatic cases that the first 5 days are when it usually spreads AND THEN told people with no symptoms they could go back out if they needed to and wore a mask for 5 more days - under Trump - we'd have not thrown a shit show.

I think you're confusing risk management policies with bad faith policies -- or that there are no difference between how this administration and the last one make decisions.

But Biden's policies are at LEAST actually trying to reduce harm while also taking into consideration how the world actually works. Trump's did not. And neither is perfect - but one is much much much more malicious than the other.

But I doubt you will see the distinction.