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Topic subject12/29/2021 - Records broken
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13450788, 12/29/2021 - Records broken
Posted by handle, Wed Dec-29-21 11:34 AM
U.S. Covid cases rise to pandemic high as delta and omicron circulate at same time

U.S. Covid cases are at a record seven-day average of more than 265,000 per day as of Tuesday, surpassing the previous high mark of about 252,000 average daily cases set on Jan. 11, 2021.

The new pandemic peak comes as the delta and omicron variants are circulating simultaneously across the country.

About 75,000 Americans are hospitalized with Covid-19 and the country is reporting more than 1,500 daily deaths. Though both figures are rising, they are lower than when the last daily case record was set nearly a year ago.

New Omicron variant fills up children's hospitals

A five-fold increase in pediatric admissions in New York City this month. Close to double the numbers admitted in Washington, DC. And nationwide, on average, pediatric hospitalizations are up 48% in just the past week.

The highly transmissible Omicron variant is teaming up with the busy holiday season to infect more children across the United States than ever before, and children's hospitals are bracing for it to get even worse.
"I think we are going to see more numbers now than we have ever seen," Dr. Stanley Spinner, who is chief medical officer and vice president at Texas Children's Pediatrics & Urgent Care in Houston, told CNN.
"Cases are continuing to rise between Christmas gatherings and we're going to continue to see more numbers this week from that," Spinner said in a telephone interview.