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13450768, why not?
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Dec-28-21 11:47 PM
>if hillary or obama were in office when the pandemic first
>hit, and they had a fraction of deaths we had under trump,
>they'd probably be in prison.

So is Biden going to prison? His body count is climbing.

>at the very least, i could see Trump strolling into office in
>2020 unseating Hilary because we had 5000 covid deaths on her
>watch, far exceeding 9/11. We'd have memorials at every
>sporting event, and Hilldawg will be seen as the worst
>president in history.

Oh for sure. I'm not talking about media double standards.

I'm talking about double standards of hardcore Dem apologists. Folks who posted here daily about Trump's failures but have been ghost and will duck, dodge, deflect, etc to avoid admitting the truth-

Uncle Joe has not met the moment. Democrats have not met the moment.

I could go off of course, but I'll focus on the pandemic.

If you run against a sitting prez and talk about how little he has done to address the pandemic- you better at least TRY SOME SHIT when you win.

Cutting isolation IN HALF in the middle of an uptick of cases thanks to a new variant after your CDC got a letter from CEOs?

Probably a bad idea.

>>we should’ve put our health before
>>our politics.
>early on my dumb ass really thought this was gonna come out of

My dumbass thought that when the adults took over it would be better. It was scary under Trump.

I remember the day Biden took over, there was such a sense of relief in my house.

Now? Well, the stock market is up amiright?