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Topic subjectIts funny they do the same thing they accused you of
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13450767, Its funny they do the same thing they accused you of
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Dec-28-21 11:42 PM

Got distracted by a single quote and thought they were dunking on you by showing that it is out of context.

The context is the admins fucking actions!!!!

A bunch of "liberals" screaming at me essentially defending a "personal responsibility" approach to a fucking pandemic.

Joe ran on a pandemic plan and they were so fucking eager to declare victory they spiked the ball months ago.

Fucking morons could have milked the pandemic politically and blamed it on Trump for a year at least...but they had to get people back to work, back in restaurant, back in shopping malls, etc.

You're right. Some of these dudes would be Reaganites in the 80s. You hate to see it.