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Topic subjectplease stop. just stop. You're a hypocrite
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13450763, please stop. just stop. You're a hypocrite
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Dec-28-21 11:17 PM

Just have the same energy for Biden as you would if he was someone else.

L O L at the bar for Biden being to NOT sabotage efforts...and still gloss over when his administration does just that.

Telling people to unmask = made the pandemic worse. Without question.

Telling people to quarantine for only 5 days = will make this worse.

Why do you treat this like Democrats are you favorite sports team that you have to defend blindly.

Things were supposed to get better. That was the idea. That was why we all fought.

Things aren't that much better "fam".

You are the worst on here. You have all the smoke for anyone who isn't your guy.

Stock market soaring is all that matters now like a real Trumper.

The bottom line is this administration has failed to address this pandemic. They have done *marginally* better than the previous only because of Pfizer and Moderna. Thats it.

No real plan otherwise.

If the CDC came out under Trump and said "get your asses back to work" you would be lighting this thread up with me.

Because its Joe, you're on some MAGA type "Let them die" personal responsibility horse shit.

PEOPLE LIKE YOU are why the Dems are trash. You not only accept anything, you celebrate and willfully defend this shit.

He doesn't say stupid shit that Trump says. Is that the line?

Like I said, some of yall just wanted a nicer face and a more professional tone as they throw us to the wolves.