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Topic subjectUh-huh.
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13450759, Uh-huh.
Posted by kayru99, Tue Dec-28-21 06:39 PM

You know what prevention means. You're not dumb, you're just a token.

you really should look into how other countries with a public healthcare system have dealt with the needs of their populations during the virus.

yes, the federal gov't can aid in prevention in *several* ways aside from the vaxx...especially given what we know about who COVID affects the most and why.

Dismissing that fact as "making people do crossfit" is fucking retarded.

Home testing & treatment protocols should have been in place from day 1.

Ramped up production of O2 tanks and N95s, as well as not allowing companies to destroy massive amount of home tests.

Ramp up emergency localized medical services.

Stipends to keep people at home to prevent the spread.

Increased public health services/service providers.

etc, etc, etc...

Dunno how/why modern liberals became 80s republicans in re: the role of the federal govt, but it was dumb then and it's especially suicidal now.

But hopefully whatever white dem pays you will take you for a walk down to your favorite dog park later, and get you home in time to lick the screen when maddow's on