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Topic subjectbro you were dead wrong. its ok. it happens.
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13450754, bro you were dead wrong. its ok. it happens.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Dec-28-21 05:55 PM
but you dont save face by doubling down on more wrong lol.

>You can't states rights/states response this.

you do realize states *do* have rights right? its the entire point of a constitutional republic. biden cant just seize power he aint got fam.

its the reason texas and florida have vastly different covid regulations than ny and ca. outside of biden becoming a dictator...he doesnt just get to do whatever *he* wants.

>and no federally mandated testing, prevention or centralized
>vaxx database.

you think the president can just federally mandate everything? i mean...he tried a federal mandate for vaccination/testing for employers over a certain size via osha. and that mandate was placed on hold because of lawsuits by several *states* that are now headed to a special session of the supreme court. why? oh yeah because states have *rights*.

plus how do you federally mandate 'prevention'? lol. you gonna send the national guard in to make niggas do crossfit in their backyards and get healthier to drive down pre-existing conditions/co-morbidities? wtf does that even mean? lol.

and you know damn well if biden tried to mandate some centralized vaccine passport database...you same tin foil notep contrarion niggas would be bitching about that too.