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Topic subjecthe did not say that. not at all.
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13450749, he did not say that. not at all.
Posted by shygurl, Tue Dec-28-21 04:37 PM
Imo he basically stated that since state governments are the ones with 'boots on the ground' so to speak, then they are going to be the ones to lead the covid response, particularity as the governor that he was talking to tried to insinuate that the federal government was 'overstepping its boundaries' in its response to something that should be handled at the state level. The governor (Arkansas I believe) was trying to be slick and Biden put him in his place.

He made it clear that the feds are going to *support* state governments in whatever manner they see fit, and if they need something from the feds, simply be communicative about it and the feds will provide the support.

If people actually watched the clip in question instead of taking an out of context 4 second soundbite there's no way the takeaway would have been that states are on their own. States have a responsibility in this too, so let's not place the sole burden on the feds if the states refuse to do the bare minimum in stopping this pandemic.