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Topic subjectdeath rate for middle aged whites has *doubled*
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13450744, death rate for middle aged whites has *doubled*
Posted by Reeq, Tue Dec-28-21 04:05 PM
*after* vaccines have become widely available.

The change in death rates among groups is starker by race and ethnicity, and the death rate has risen particularly sharply for middle-aged white people. Covid-19 now accounts for a much larger share of all deaths for that group than it did before vaccines were widely available.
Some of the shift could be attributed to the lagging vaccination rates among white people overall. White people were vaccinated at a higher rate than Black and Hispanic people in the early months of the vaccination campaign — in part because people of color faced more obstacles to vaccine access.

In recent months, however, data from the C.D.C. shows that the vaccination gap has narrowed. White people are now less likely than Asians and Hispanics to be vaccinated, though somewhat more likely than Black people, and their death rates have risen in all but the oldest age groups.

republicans are really good at killing their own voters...and then convincing them to blame everyone *else* for it.