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Topic subjecttrump called covid a hoax.
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13450735, trump called covid a hoax.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Dec-28-21 03:33 PM
then actively fought against measures to prevent the spread of the virus...threatened to primary red state governors who didnt do the same...literally blocked or curtailed blue states from much needed federal aid...reshuffled science/medical advisories and hid/sabotaged data to undermine the fight against covid...pushed a lethal alternative medication...and got caught on actual audio admitting that he intentionally downplayed the virus despite him understanding the severity.

biden made the vaccines widely available...encouraged people to get protected and follow guidelines via soft power and mandates...and took our adult vaccination rate from 1% on inauguration day to over 70%.

even the republican governor of *arkansas* praised bidens effort in combatting the virus.

if you think biden is anywhere near equivalent to trump then you are part of the problem.

i swear niggas have like a 2 week attention span when it comes to politics.