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Topic subjecti see people calling the movie 'preachy'.
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13450731, i see people calling the movie 'preachy'.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Dec-28-21 03:07 PM
more mad at the satirical and condescending portrayal of idiots than they are at the consequences and danger from the behavior of the idiots.

2 years into complete nihilism/obstruction during the pandemic (even longer for climate change) and these people think the real problem is that we arent nicer lol.

i dont remember people getting mad at the portrayal of idiots in idiocracy.

somehow 'we' always get convinced to adopt the viewpoint of conservatives (who absolve themselves of all personal responsibility and blame their atrocious political/cultural stances of liberals looking down at them).

so now we got liberals who make decisions based on facts and science and overall health/wellbeing policing their own tribe for coming off too 'elitist' because they make fun of the people who right today are celebrating vigilantes for the simple fact they killed liberals.

playing down to the lowest common denominator is exactly how we got here.

idk why our side is so self loathing and circularly destructive to the point we get mad at ourselves for not delicately addressing the enemy instead of just being mad at the enemy and focusing all of our fire on them.

you never see republicans talk about trying not to offend liberals and criticizing each other because they portray liberals in an unflattering manner lol.