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Topic subjectim exhausted fam.
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13450723, im exhausted fam.
Posted by Reeq, Tue Dec-28-21 01:48 PM
so we are in the middle of another winter surge that we are supposed to be taking seriously.

but the cdc cuts quarantine time in half (at the behest of an airlines ceo) as cases are still rising.

and much of the media makes it even worse by reporting the new time frame as if its universal and not limited to asymptomatic folks.

deaths rates have actually *increased* in the reddest areas due to vaccine and mask resistance perpetuated by one specific side of the political spectrum and their preferred media sources (while logically falling in non-idiotic blue areas).

and the media is blaming biden for not convincing that portion of the country to participate in taming the virus with the rest society...while their former president and cultural icon is also urging them to get vaccinated and theyre even attacking *him* for it too.

if this doesnt spell out the decline of a civilization...