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Topic subjectThe airlines asked for quarantine to be less
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13450722, The airlines asked for quarantine to be less
Posted by Stadiq, Tue Dec-28-21 01:23 PM
And now it is so.

People gotta get back to work after all. Wonder
how long until quarantine is a 15 minute break?

The same people who told everyone to take
off their masks based on an honor system
and little data are doing it again.

Rather than mandating paid leave the admin is
just sending people back to work sick.

It’s incredible to see how little criticism the Biden
admin gets from certain folks.

Had this happened under Trump this thread
would be 3x as long.

No paid leave. No real testing plan. No urgency
on treatments. No additional mandates like
vaxxed to fly. No contact tracing. No waving
patents to vaxx the world.

Nothing but get vaxxed and get your asses
back to work.

Hundreds of thousands dead. Healthcare
systems jammed up. Long covid. It goes
on and on.

But the stock market is up amiright??

When the GOP essentially said some will have to die
for the economy it was ridiculous and rightfully
panned around here, etc.

I guess a lot of people really just want a friendlier
tone for the same shit.