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Topic subjectProlong the inevtiable??
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13450697, Prolong the inevtiable??
Posted by handle, Tue Dec-28-21 10:12 AM
>would just prolong the inevitable

Do people think that everyone will get infected ONCE and then "it's over?"

The goal is to avoid disease and death.

And if death rates are 1% and we get 140 million folks infected in the next 2 months then 1.4 million more deaths?

Or say it's just 50 million folk who get infected, then it's ONLY 500,000 dead.

And once people get the disease and get re-infected it's still very much likely the death rate will still be greater than the flu - which kills 30k-50k a year in the U.S. We're fine with that as a country?

>and it would probably cause mass riots the way people are
>operating these days.

Its amazing people aren't rioting over being forced to work and live around this much disease.

If COVID was like measles and people found the infected less attractive or palatable to look at - or when looking at them they appeared unhealthy - would that help??????